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New Puppy Essentials!

You've decided you're going for it, you're getting a puppy! This is a super exciting time and there is so much to prepare! Luckily, we can help! Check out our list of must have items for bringing puppy home, and make it a smooth transition for everyone!

Before you bring puppy home:

There are a few things you will want to have set up before your new puppy comes home. This will make the homecoming more exciting and less stressful for both you and your pup!

1. An appropriately sized crate Even if you don't intend to fully crate train your dog, having one at home is a great idea. Puppies can be overwhelmed with all the changes they're experiencing and having a safe space that is just for them can be a comfort during all of the chaos. It will also be a vital part of the housetraining process. Make sure the crate is large enough for the puppy to sit, stand, laydown and turn around without being too large that they are willing to use the bathroom in it.

2. Walking accessories

Having a leash, collar and harness ready to go means you can pick up your pup with confidence! It also means you can start with the leash training as soon as your puppy is settled in your home. The younger they start with leash training, the better!

3. Food and Treats

The person (or place) you are getting your puppy from will probably provide you with about a week's worth of food. It's a good idea to decide what you will be feeding your puppy ahead of time so you can have a bag ready at home. Puppies need about a 7-10 day period to transition from the food they're used to, to whatever you want to feed them. This will help keep their tummy happy and make sure you don't get gassed out of your house!

4. A puppy/baby gate

Puppies love to explore. They're basically like toddlers, but a lot faster! Having a baby or pet gate can help keep them away from potentially dangerous areas like stairs, the kitchen, or any room you don't want them to mess in.

Making sure you have at least some of the above items before you bring your new puppy home will make your life much easier, so you can spend more time playing!

-Shannon Heitt

Founder and Owner,

Wiggles and Whiskers Pet Supplies

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