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Start Training in a Calm, Familiar Environment

Like humans, dogs can get distracted fairly easily by sounds, sights and of course, smells. When trying to teach your pup a new command or trick, start in your own home in a quiet room with limited distractions. Doing so will help your dog stay focused on you and the yummy treats you're holding!

Once your dog has a fairly good grasp on the command or trick in a distraction free zone, take it up a notch by moving to a different room in the house or even out in the yard. Moving to a location with more activity will challenge your dog to remain focused on you while performing the trick or command that it had previously mastered with limited distractions.

With more activity and distractions around, it may take a few tries to get your dog to focus on you and the command you are giving. The key here is consistency and patience! If your dog does get distracted, redirect them back to you and continue the training session. If it's just too much and your dog cannot refocus, that's ok! Move back inside or to a quieter room and just go slower with the distractions.

The world is an exciting place (especially for puppies) and we want to give them the best chance to succeed, so if your dog or puppy needs to go slow, then go slow!

Do you have any tips for limiting distractions while training?


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