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It's Never Too Late, Or Too Early!

Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, was a liar. Old dogs are just as willing to learn new things! Not only that, it can help keep their mind sharp as they age. As long as they have the ability to see or hear, they can learn new things and may just surprise you with how much they can do!

The same goes for puppies, it's never too early to start with basic training. House training is a must to start with, but after that commands like sit, down, come and stay can be taught right away. Remember to work on one command or skill at a time. Putting too many commands on your puppies' plate can cause confusion and frustration.

Keep in mind that puppies may need even shorter training sessions. Sometimes as little as 5 minutes a day is all they can handle before becoming distracted and losing focus. Even though you want to start early, it's perfectly fine to give your puppy a few days to adjust to it's new surroundings, the new routine, new people and smells and the exciting things that are happening! If you find your little one is struggling with a command, go back to basics and take it even slower. We want this to be a fun experience, not a frustrating one!

Whether a dog is young or old, they all want to learn and they all have the potential to become well trained, well mannered canine citizens. It's up to us to help them reach that potential!

How old was your dog when you started training? If you haven't started, no time like the present!


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